Deciphering Elon’s most cryptic tweets (verified hidden messages)

Let’s look at two most notable examples from the past year that delivered

Stock Split Timestamp

Tweeted 5/1 at 8:11am.

On 8/11, TSLA announced a 5:1 stock split.
(reducing the ‘price’ by 80%)

Instantly, the tweet caused a 10% drop in TSLA shares and an ensuing SEC probe. Little did they know.

While stock splits don’t fundamentally affect a company’s market cap, TSLA rapidly became too expensive for the average retail investor to purchase whole shares. Already a hot stock, renewed retail interest (and options affordability) led a rally of 80% the following weeks post-split.

Traders took bets on a stock split being a powerful catalyst, but few caught Elon’s hint at the exact date.

Spotify Playlist Crypto Acrostic

’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Right, Bitcoin?

Elon hinted at his preference for Doge to take the #1 spot on April 28 by linking a Romeo and Juliet Spotify playlist, just after a day after his SNL “Dogefather” tweet.

An acrostic poem is one where the first letter taken from each line spells something out.

Take the first letter from the top 5 titles’ artists in descending order. Then for #1, replace the song title.


One Inch Punch

Gavin Friday



Doge #1 (crush)

Tracks 6–8 in opposite order spell BTC. This puts DOGE above BTC. An emotional moment in crypto, to be sure.

It may be worth pointing out the playlist was created in July 26 2017.

In weeks following the tweet, TSLA announced they would be looking into cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin — citing current environmental impacts of the network’s energy intensive proof of work model. A fateful declaration that sent the markets tumbling below resistance.

In addition, Elon since provided backing to Doge’s development and SpaceX has accepted the crypto’s use for payment for the DOGE-1 mission.



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