Unlike when spending a dollar, payments made in cryptocurrencies are considered taxable events.

This means even if you never ‘cashed out’, you’ll still have to pay capital gains.

Here’s the flip side, and a major difference from the stock market:

Wash Sale

The Wash Sale rule does not exist in crypto markets, so it’s possible to buy and sell the same crypto many times in a 30 day span without facing tax repercussions. This means you’re allowed to take losses and buy back in at a lower price without fear. It’s not always so simple in the stock market.

In essence — losses on trades can always be claimed as such.

You can take advantage of this in dips by selling at a loss and buying back. Easy tax-loss harvesting.



We should start by explaining why someone might want to buy a literal dogshit token.

Anyways, you’ll need tokens on BSC. If you don’t what that is, I‘m not going to help you figure it out dumbass. Try this shitty video or google.

Have the tokens on Trustwallet or Metamask. Metamask is for chads.

Then you go to pancake swap using this link. And trade your BNB or Eth for literal Dogshit. I recommend allocating 5–20% of your portfolio to Dogshit for highly leveraged exposure to the meme market. It trades as a derivative of Dogecoin.



MARKET CAP: $319,245